Metropolis - Atlantis Standalone set -silver

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The Metropolis - Atlantis silver standalone set consists of:

- Mod-Synth MS-84SB Skiff, aluminium 84HP skiff with bamboo side panels, module depth max. 55 mm (external sizes with sidepanels: 477x 190x75mm)

- Tiptop uZeus power + PSU (max1000mA)

- Intellijel Metropolis Sequencer         Firmware version 1.36

- Intellijel Atlantis Synthesizer

- Intellijel uJack (headphone and stereo 6.3mm jack out)

- Doepfer A-100C15patchcable(15cm) 1x

- Doepfer A-100C30 (30cm) 2x

- Doepfer A-100C50 patchcable (50cm) 1x

- Audio Cable - 2x RCA male - 2 Mono jack 6.3mm - 3.00 meter

The system will be shipped assembled.

More optional cables here

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