Tiptop Audio uZeus 4HP PSU with Flying Bus Boards + 230V PSU

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uZeus with Flying bus Board (and 230V powersupply!) is a compact and yet powerful solution for distributing power in small or medium sized modular systems. Works with a wall wart power supply and has integrated "flexible busboards".

The microZEUS system contains a 4HP module with power inlet and a power switch plus a power distribution. It can generate 1000mA at 12V, 500mA at -12V and 170mA at 5V

Instead of classic solid bus boards which have to be bolted to the module cabinet the microZEUS has two "flying" bus boards that you can leave loose in the case without the risk of a short circuit etc. The flying busboards are two longer ribbon cables with five module connectors each. If needed, you can expand the microZEUS with one additional flying bus board.


230V - 1000mA, 15V DC  powersupply included!

  • output current: max. 1000mA
  • input voltage range: 100-240V AC, 50/60Hz

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