Doepfer A-144 Morphing Controller / Waveshaper

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Module A-144 is a control voltage modifier that is used in combination with the voltage controlled mixer A-135 in the first place. From a linear increasing voltage at the input the module derives four displaced triangle output voltages. When these 4 outputs are connected to the four control voltage inputs of the A-135 one obtains a fading over of the four A-135 audio inputs ("morphing"). The Morphing can be controlled manual and modulated with an external control voltage (e.g. from LFO, ADSR, Random, MIDI-to-CV, Theremin, Light-to-CV, analog sequencer) with attenuator.
Applications: voltage controlled morphing of 4 audio signals in combination with A-135, e.g. morphing between the 4 waveform outputs of an VCA (sawtooth/ rectangle/ triangle/ sine) or the 4 filter outputs of the multimode filter A-121 (lowpass/ bandpass/ highpass/ notch) or the 4 filter outputs of the A-105 (6/12/18/24dB) to obtain a filter with voltage controlled slope.
When an audio source (e.g. sawtooth, triangle or sine of a VCO) is used as CV input signal the module can be used also as Waveshaper. The four A-144 outputs can be mixed e.g. by means of a Polarizing Mixer A-138c with adjustable level and polarity.

Inputs: CV In
Outputs: CV Out 1, 2, 3, 4
Controls: Manual Morphing, CV attenuator

For more detailed information please look at the English user's guide: A144_man.pdf

Width: 8 TE / 8HP / 40.3 mm

Depth: 40 mm

Current: 30 mA

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