Kenton Modular Solo MIDI-CV/ Gate Interface

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As many other reliable products from Kenton The Modular Solo is a high quality and quick MIDI/CV converter with a lot of functions. But this time it is not a standalone unit but an Eurorack module.

It´s basic setup is similar to the Kenton ProSolo but it offers additional functions like clock divider and more flexible AUX outputs.

- V/octave and Hz/V characteristic. Works with Korg synths!

- works on each MIDI channel

- 16bit D/A converter for precise and stable pitch CV.

- The pitch CV and the gate can be sent to Doepfer´s internal buss via the power ribbon cable (selectable with jumpers).

- The MIDI Out socket can act as well either as a MIDI Thru or a DIN Sync output!

- Multiple- and single-trigger modes

- note priority: highest, lowest or last note pressed. Note memory allows for trill effects.

- Portamento with fixed or variable rate. Can be activated with MIDI controller; auto portamento when playing legato

- MIDI sync-able LFO with 9 wave forms and random. Key-on can reset LFO. The sync point of the LFO is adjustable. Separate LFO controllers vor CV and AUX.

- Transpose alias CoarseTune (+/-12 semitones)

- pitch bend (+/-12 semitones)

- fine tune and scale can be controlled via MIDI

- all parameters can be controled real-time by SysEx

- In und Out/Thru/DIN-Sync

CV outputs:
- CV (available characteristics: 1V/oct, 1Hz/V or 1.2V/Oct
- Gate (normal V-trigger [0V to max 10V] or switched trigger with or without pull-up)
- two completely independent clock outputs with adjustable output voltage (0-5V or 0-10V) and adjustable clockdivider factor (1-12, 24 or 48 pulses per quarter note)
- 4x AUX outputs (programmable for different continuous controllers)

max. 88mA (max. 85mA 12V / max 3mA -12V)

3U, 10HP , 88 mm depth

Modular Solo Manual (pdf 375Kb)

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