Din Sync DrumDokta2 Eurorack Drummachine

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Din Sync DrumDokta2 Eurorack Drummachine

The DrumDokta2 combines the sound core of the BOSS DR-110 with a 7-track sequencer by Sonic Potions and an opto-distortion by RYO. This module is way more than just some drum voices but an entire drum machine in Eurorack format with six trigger outputs and voltage control of two parameters.

  • Bass Drum with tone and decay parameters
  • Snare drum with adjustable snappy and pitch. Snappy can be voltage controlled.
  • open hi hat with decay potentiometer
  • closed hi hat
  • cymbal with adjustable decay
  • Clap

The instruments' levels cannot be set individually but you can set the balance of bass/snare and hihats/cymbal. An accent parameter with variable level is available as well.
The Dokta has a proper opto distortion; a potentiometer blends in the distorted signal

The sequencer offers seven tracks - six for instruments and one accent track. "Last step" parameter determines the length per track and makes polyrhythmics possible. Sequences can be up to 64 steps long.
The programmed triggers instruments of the accent all instruments (except clap) are available at six trigger outputs, allowing you to use the sequencer individually. A clock generator is not included but the Dokta² has clock and reset inputs.

inputs: Clock, Reset, Snap CV, BPF CV
trigger outputs: bass drum, snare drum, closed hihat, open hihat, cymbal, accent
audio: main out

16 pattern memories x 8 tracks x 64 steps with data retention ( with 1000 auto saves a day the eeprom
should last about 65 years)

Width 36 HP
20 mm, measured from the rear of the faceplate .
30 mm, measured from the rear of the faceplate to the edge of the supplied and connected power cable.
power consumption:

50mA @ +12V and 10mA @ -12V


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