Intellijel Metropolis-Atlantis set II

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Intellijel Metropolis-Atlantis set II (when sold out it will be ordered on request)

Beautiful and perfect standalone set based on the Metropolis sequencer and Atlantis synthesizer including a Midi interface, Audio interface and FX unit.

The Intellijel Metropolis-Atlantis set II consists of:

Intellijel 4 U 84HP Eurorack case with power board

Intellijel Metropolis

Intellijel Atlantis

Intellijel Audio I/O 1U

Intellijel Audio I/O Jacks 1U

Intellijel µMIDI 1U

Intellijel µMIDI JACKS 1U

Intellijel Mult 1U

Qu-Bit Electronix - RT60, Silver

Intellijel Cablepack 6 inch (15cm) (5 pack)

Intellijel Cablepack 12 inch (30cm) (5 pack)

Doepfer Blind Panel 2HP 

The 2HP blind can be replace by one of the 2HP modules like a LFO with reset

Patch example:







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