Neutron Sound - Orgone Accumulator

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Neutron Sound - Orgone Accumulator

The Orgone Accumulator (OA) is a digital phase-accumulation oscillator module capable of
creating a wide range of timbres, from classic subtractive-synth-style sounds, to
PPG-wavetable stuff, and hardcore FM!
Basic operation involves the mixing of a core of three waveforms, which can be
dynamically scanned, and applying modulation and effects to produce otherworldly
noises. Of course, you don’t have to get crazy; the OA will happily produce pedestrian
The OA isn’t “just” another Eurorack oscillator, though. The on-board effects add another
deep layer of tweakability and sound-shaping. Select one of these eight effects and enable
it on any or all of the wave-slots: detune, twin (doubling), distortion (two types), chord,
spectral, or delay. Each effect’s parameters are bipolar, which means the sound can vary
wildly depending on which way you turn that knob.
There’s even a fully-featured drum-synthesis mode, which allows you to shape the
Orgone’s sounds into expressive, percussive noises.
Then there’s the Pulsar mode, which can be enabled on top of most modes. Based on
“pulsar synthesis,” you can manipulate “particles” of sound.
You can manipulate the madness by attaching CV sources to the four inputs for POSITION ,
EFFECT , INDEX , and modulation FREQUENCY . Adjust the bipolar, invertable attenuators
(“attenuverters”) for these controls and listen to the module accumulate that intense
orgone energy!
Conveniently, the Orgone Accumulator has built-in non-volatile memory to retain your
settings on power-down.
Now that you know what the OA can do, let’s learn how to do it. Read the manual..



3U Eurorack module. 20HP wide, 22 mm deep
current draw: 115mA @ +12V and 55mA @ -12V


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