Tiptop Audio - MIX7 Analog Summing Mixer

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Tiptop Audio - MIX7 Analog Summing Mixer

MIX7 is a seven channel analog summing mixer module for Eurorack. It is designed for summing any of the different types of signals you’ll find in a modular system: Audio, CV, Triggers, or Gate.

MIX7 gives ability to sweeten your mix with more headroom using the power of low noise analog summing. A compact 3HP Eurorack utility module, MIX7 is an attractive mixing addition to any rig, especially with the ability to also combine rhythms, note patterns or CV automations from different control sources. The main output of one section can be connected to the input of another MIX7 to create larger mixing groups and complex signal routes inside your modular.

The MIX7 summing mixing circuit is built with low-noise operational amplifiers, giving it an excellent sound quality for mixing audio, the beautiful texture of classic analog mixing with plenty of headroom to handle hot modular signals, and the versatility to sum non-audio signals in your system to open up new creative possibilities.

Each input is labeled with a number of dots, 1-7, yellow for input and green for output. The module matches Tiptop’s system look with clean white faceplate styling.

At the back of the module is a user-configurable jumper allowing users to configure the MIX7 for either unity gain (OUT = IN) or give increased headroom (OUT = 0.4IN) for use with hot audio signals, which makes it a great pairing for Tiptop Audio percussive modules. A peak indicator light on the front panel warns the user of even the slightest audio clipping in the mix, helping to keep all the incoming sound sources at their full original quality.


  • Multi-use Summing Mixer with classic analog mixing sound
  • Compact 3HP Eurorack utility module
  • Mixes Audio, CV, Triggers, or Gate
  • Combine rhythms, note patterns or CV automations from different control sources
  • Chain together and create larger mixing groups
  • Low-noise operational amplifiers
  • Loads of headroom to handle hot modular signals
  • Configure for unity gain (OUT = IN) or increased headroom (OUT = 0.4IN)
  • A peak indicator light to detects audio clipping
  • Size: 3HP – Depth: 43mm
  • Low Power Consumption: +12V 25ma / -12V 20ma


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