Doepfer A-100LMBV Low Cost Monster Base PSU3 Vintage Edition (erurorack case)

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Doepfer A-100LMBV Low Cost Monster Base PSU3 Vintage Edition

A-100LMBV is the low cost version of the A-100PMB. It comes with black coating: A-100LMBV.

Dimensions and weight:
outside dimensions: ~ 87 (length) x 19 (height) x 38 (depth) cm
weight of the case (incl. bus boards, power supplies, without modules): ~ 8 kg
available 19" width and height: 2 x 3U x 168 HP

Quantity of bus boards: 4

Maximum Output Current:
two built-in A-100PSU3 : +12V/4000 mA, -12V/2400mA, +5V/8000mA

Usable depth for modules:
approx. 65 mm in the lower front row
approx. 90 mm in the upper angled row
(measured from inner side of the front panel until end of the pc board of the module)

Position of the mains inlet: center of the rear panel 

All bus boards are located in the rear area (even those for the modules that are mounted in the front row). This was necessary to take advantage of the full height of the front area for installation of modules. The max. depth for modules in the front row is ~ 65 mm.

A-100LMB: stock article, usually available shortly

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