Klavis NoDrain (5V generator)

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Klavis NoDrain

Negative to +5V converter

    Offers up to one amp of precise 5Volts
    Takes its power from where you won’t use it: the negative rail
    Gives you back the +12V power previously used to make 5V
    High efficiency conversion: Every milliamp delivered on the 5V rail only draws around half as much milliamps on the -12V rail
    Soft-start prevents current inrush at power-on
    Tolerates wide voltage variations of the -12V source
    Miniature module 20x28mm - 0.78x1.10"
    Adjustable output voltage - delivered calibrated
    Protected against:
        Current overload
        Input overvoltage
        Reverse insertion


Reclaim your unused watts !
Did you know that typical 5V adapters draw 240% of the actual wattage they deliver, with 140% being wasted as heat ?
Moreover they take it from your precious +12V rail.

Beating even other switching-supply adapters, the NoDrain converter takes its power where there is plenty unused: the -12V negative rail ! *
You can safely assume that the current drawn on the 5V adapter will take half as much on the -12V rail.
The NoDrain adapter does its conversion with high efficiency.
With 1 amp available, you can distribute the 5V from the NoDrain to several busboards.
Thanks to ultra high-speed switching technique there is no noise to be heard.

Just plug a NoDrain in one of the connectors at the back of your rack and you’re done.


User manual V1.0


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