• Cwejman ADSR-VC2 Dual-Envelope
    Cwejman ADSR-VC2 Dual-Envelope

    The ADSR-VC2 is a dual envelope generator with two identical, independent ADSR units which can be both triggered simultaneously by one single trigger due to a normalized jack.

    All parameters (attack, decay, sustain release and…

    € 629,00
  • Cwejman AI-2 Audio-Interface
    Cwejman AI-2 Audio-Interface

    The Audio Interface AI-2 is a very helpful tool for converting unbalanced audio signals into balanced and vice versa.

    That is indispensable for making professional recordings in studio quality or for processing audio signals…

    € 345,00
  • Cwejman AP-1 Audio-Processor
    Cwejman AP-1 Audio-Processor

    The Audio Processor AP-1 is an indispensable module for everybody who wants to process external audio signals in modular systems.

    The AP-1 provides you with three sections: Pre-amp, envelope follower and compressor

    For a quick…

    € 673,00
  • Cwejman ATT-4 Attenuator
    Cwejman ATT-4 Attenuator

    The ATT-4 is a fourfold attenuator with additional offset-switches.
    Its primary task is the attenuation of modulations
    in case modulation inputs don't have their own attenuators.So very gentle, discrete modulations are…

    € 274,00
  • Cwejman BLD 2 bass and drum module
    Cwejman BLD 2 bass and drum module

    The BLD 2 has all components and functions necessary for generating bass, lead and drum sounds but with focus on bass drum sounds.

    The BLD contains a main sound generator (Oscillator), a noise generator and modifiers such as low…

    € 695,00
  • Cwejman CRV-24 Audio Crossover
    Cwejman CRV-24 Audio Crossover

    The CRV-24 is a four band crossover with 24 dB/octave slope for all four bands. Crossover frequencies can be controlled manually and by attenuable CV signals. The incoming signal INPUT is splitted in four bands:
    LP (low pass…

    € 670,00
  • Cwejman CTG-VC complex voltage controlled transient generator
    Cwejman CTG-VC complex voltage controlled transient generator

    Order on request. There is no stock at this moment. Please ask for availablity of a specific module, because of long waiting lists. Delivery times can be several months or much more. Please do not order, but contact us…

    € 518,00
  • Cwejman D-LFO Dual-Multi-LFO
    Cwejman D-LFO Dual-Multi-LFO

    Two identical, flexible LFOs with very innovative sync possiblities
    and an enormous frequency range.
    The cherry on top is the amplitude- and ring modulation between the LFOs.An interesting tool for generating extraordinary…

    € 628,00
  • Cwejman DMF-2 Dual Mode/Slope Filter
    Cwejman DMF-2 Dual Mode/Slope Filter

    The DMF-2 module consists of two identical filters with two modes:
    lowpass and a quasi-bandpass which are available simultaneously at separate outputs.Each filter works selectively with different filter slopes and allows…

    € 615,00
  • Cwejman DP-2 Dynamic Processor
    Cwejman DP-2 Dynamic Processor

    No info yet

    € 894,00
  • Cwejman FSH-1 Frequency Shifter
    Cwejman FSH-1 Frequency Shifter

    The FSH-1 module is a voltage controlled frequency shifter in studio quality. Unlike to other products on the market there is no bleedthrough of the internal oscillator and no audible noise!

    The signals can be shifted up- and…

    € 690,00
  • Cwejman INS-2MX Dual-Insert-VCA
    Cwejman INS-2MX Dual-Insert-VCA

    Dual voltage controlled cross-fade mixer. Main purpose is crossfading between original and effect-signal so the module is like an insert with a dry/wet control. But also normal cross-fading between two different sound sources is…

    € 475,00
  • Cwejman MMF-2
    Cwejman MMF-2

    The MMF-2 is a stereo multi mode filter which can operate in a true stereo mode or as two independent filters A variety of possible modifications and re-shaping of your sound material is the goal for the MMF-2; as a post…

    € 1.045,00
  • Cwejman MMF-6 Multi Mode Filter
    Cwejman MMF-6 Multi Mode Filter

    The MMF-6 is a multi mode filter with six outputs, first three from the left; "clean" low pass, band pass and high pass.

    Low- band- and high pass to the right are processed by three separate (for every output) saturation circuits…

    € 650,00
  • Cwejman MX-4S Stereo-Panning-Mixer
    Cwejman MX-4S Stereo-Panning-Mixer

    4 Channel in 2 Mixer with panning for each channel. All parameters voltage controllable. Studio quality. LED-level-meters for both outputs..

    The MX-4S is a voltage controlled stereo mixer with four independent inputs. All…

    € 790,00
  • Cwejman NS-4 Noise-SampleHold-Lag
    Cwejman NS-4 Noise-SampleHold-Lag

    The NS-4 features two modules in one. On the one hand a noise generator with different colors and on the other hand a sample-and-hold generator with an internal lag (= slew limiter) and internal LFO.

    The analog noise generator…

    € 405,00
  • Cwejman PH-4 4-Phase modulator
    Cwejman PH-4 4-Phase modulator

    Order on request. There is no stock at this moment. Please ask for availablity of a specific module, because of long waiting lists. Delivery times can be several months or much more. Please do not order, but contact us first!


    € 479,00
  • Cwejman QMMF-4 Quad MMF / Resonator
    Cwejman QMMF-4 Quad MMF / Resonator

    Cwejman QMMF-4 Quad MMF / Resonator

    The big, sorry HUGE brother of the great RES-4 even outperforms it's concept by far. This module are four ultra stable multimode filters / resonators with three different resonance modes, three…

    € 1.575,00
  • Cwejman RES-4 4-band-Resonator
    Cwejman RES-4 4-band-Resonator

    The RES-4 is a voltage controllable quad resonance filter. It bases upon Cwejman´s VC-EQ module but features explicitely greater parameter ranges and thus it is possible to create somewhat extreme sounds. An awesome module.


    € 770,00
  • Cwejman RG-6 Random Generator
    Cwejman RG-6 Random Generator

    The RG-6 is Cwejman´s powerful module for generating various random signals. Available are three different stepped random voltages, a random gate, random clock and random sawtooths.

    The three outputs to the left produce, similar…

    € 596,00
  • Cwejman RM-2S Stereo-Ringmodulator
    Cwejman RM-2S Stereo-Ringmodulator

    Two separately usable ringmodulators are connected to each other in an intelligent way over the "quadrature" carrier generator in this module.

    Switchable from LFO- to audio range the Oscillator generates a Sine as carrier signal…

    € 459,00
  • Cwejman SM-1
    Cwejman SM-1

    Cwejman SM-1

    The Cwejman SM-1 is a semi modular synthesizer voice that can be played instantly via CV/ Gate.

    The module contains two oscillators, a multimode filter, VCA and two ADSR loop envelopes and LFOs. All sections can…

    € 2.155,00
  • Cwejman SPH-2 Spatial Phaser
    Cwejman SPH-2 Spatial Phaser

    The module SPH-2 is a 14-stage stereo phaser with three audio outputs and many modulation options.
    The audio quality conforms to highest studio requirements! So far it´s the phaser with the best sound and lowest noise.The SPH…

    € 674,00
  • Cwejman VC-FCS Stereo Compressor
    Cwejman VC-FCS Stereo Compressor

    The compressor module VC-FC is the stereophonic brother of Cwejman´s VC forward compressor. It´s the first of its kind because so far no manufacturer developed a fuly voltage controlled compressor, even more not in stereo! This…

    € 724,00
  • Cwejman VCA-2P Stereo-Panning-Amp
    Cwejman VCA-2P Stereo-Panning-Amp

    First-class panning VCA for blending one signal between two outputs with a control voltage. You can also use the module as two totally independent, separate VCAs.

    Furthermore the CVs controlling the amplitudes of the main VCAs…

    € 496,00
  • Cwejman VCA-4MX Quad VCA / Mixer
    Cwejman VCA-4MX Quad VCA / Mixer

    The VCA-4MX is a combo-module which besides being four independent premium VCAs also gives diverse mixing functions. Therefore you can also use the module as one 4-into-1-mixer or two 2-into-1-mixers. And of course you can also…

    € 539,00
  • Cwejman VCEQ-3 Equalizer
    Cwejman VCEQ-3 Equalizer

    Three individual voltage controllable parametric equalizers in an amazing quality are the argument for this very special module by Cwejman.

    The characteristic can be switched from notch to bandpass for each Filter. Frequency,…

    € 602,00
  • Cwejman VCO-2RM Oscillator
    Cwejman VCO-2RM Oscillator

    Cwejman VCO-2RM Oscillator

    Two identic very warm and phatt oscillators which remind us of the Oberheim Xpander. When compared to a Minimoog Voyager (with filter fully open) we and Vladislav Delay could hear NO difference between…

    € 695,00
  • Cwejman VCO-6 Multi Output Oscillator (white front!)
    Cwejman VCO-6 Multi Output Oscillator (white front!)

    With the VCO-6 Cwejman now offers an oscillator with 6 individual waveforms. Furthermore there are jacks for linear and exponential FM.

    6 waveform outputs, FM 1, FM 2, FM 3, PWM 1, PWM 2, SYNCThe VC0-6 is a single voltage…

    € 549,00
  • Cwejman VM-1s Voice-Module
    Cwejman VM-1s Voice-Module

    Cwejman VM-1s Voice-Module

    The Voicemodule VM-1S is for sure one of the best compact synthesizers in the upper class as Cwejman just is making it: Knorky direct sounds and effects or just clear sounds and waves up to hardest…

    € 710,00
  • M3 Washers to protect your modules (20 x)
    M3 Washers to protect your modules (20 x)

    M3 Nylon Washers to protect your modules from screw scratches.

    Bag with 20 pieces

    € 2,50


Wowa Cwejman from Sweden has been engineer for high professional outboard equipment once his son in law asked him about analogue synthesis. A following production of a first halfmodular synthesizer S1 was at the same time kickoff for the first high quality production series of 1/8th inch minijack eurorack modular components.

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