Limited Warranty

Limited Warranty

As for warranty is depending on the manufacturer here some statements of manufacturers (taken from the manuals and websites):

(please be aware that most of the manufacturers are very small companies)


Audio Damage hardware policies:

What is the warranty policy for repairs or replacement on Audio Damage hardware products?

We are confident in the quality of our products, and as such, offer repair-or-replacement of any Audio Damage hardware, for the life of the company. Just write us first so we can verify it needs to be returned to the factory. All you do is pay shipping _to_ us. We'll examine the hardware, and if it can be repaired we will do so. If it can not be repaired, we will replace it.


ALM Busy Circuits:

Limited Warranty
From the date of manufacture this device is guaranteed for a period of 2 years
against any manufacturing or material defects. Any such defects will be repaired or
replaced at the discretion of ALM. This does not apply to;
•Physical damage arising for mis treating (i,e dropping, submerging etc).
•Damage caused by incorrect power connections.
•Overexposure to heat or direct sunlight.
•Damage caused by inappropriate or mis-use.
•Use of incorrect or non official firmware
No responsibility is implied or accepted for harm to person or apparatus caused
through operation of this product.
By using this product you agree to these terms.


Cwejman: (no statements found)





As we are a German company and are subject to German law the terms and conditions of business are written in German language. Please refer to the German Geschäftsbedingungen (= terms and conditions of business).

All prices and delivery conditions, as well as statements concerning  included taxes, warranty, right of return, and similar information that is published on this website ( or is valid only for deliveries to Germany. In all other cases the prices and terms and conditions of business of the corresponding foreign representative or dealer are valid. Please contact the representative in your country if the delivery is not within Germany. You find all our foreign representatives and dealers on our dealer and representative page.

Attention! These terms are valid only if you order from Doepfer directly (i.e. Doepfer Musikelektronik GmbH, Germany). If you order from a representative or dealer the business terms of the representative or dealer are valid !

Translation of the most important sections of the terms of business (right to return, special designs and warranty conditions):

The customer has the right to return the goods within 14 days from the delivery date. The shipment charges for both direction (from Doepfer to the customer and back to Doepfer) are not refunded but have to be payed by the customer (exception: consignments within Germany, for this please refer to the German Geschäftsbedingungen, especially the remarks concerning the Widerrufsrecht and Fernabgabegesetz).

Except from any return are these articles: special designs (this includes customer specific A-100 systemsm, but not the A-100 basic systems), semiconductors (including integrated circuits), special orders (including special electronic parts, spare parts that have to be ordered especially, special keybeds), articles from the Sonderliste, and all articles that are not in the original conditions (e.g. modules that have already been assembled, used articles, dirty articles, articles with scratches or other mechanical/optical faults, articles where the housing/case has been opened, returns with missing user manuals or missing original packages).

Doepfer resp. his representative/authorized dealer warrants the mechanical and electronic components to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 2 years from the original date of purchase, in accordance with the warranty regulations described below. If the product shows any defects within the specified warranty period that are not due to normal wear and tear and/or improper handling by the user, Doepfer or his representative/authorized dealer shall, at its sole discretion, either repair or replace the product or repay the purchase price deducting reasonable charges for the period of usage. The product has to be sent to the representative/authorized dealer where it was purchased. Shipment directly to Doepfer is applicable only if the product was purchased from Doepfer directly. If the warranty claim proves to be justified, the product will be returned to the user freight prepaid. Warranty claims other than those indicated above are expressly excluded.

The product has to be returned in its original shipping carton, together with a copy of the invoice and possibly the return authorization number (in case the the manufacturer, representative/authorized dealer uses the return authorization procedure). Warranty services will be furnished only if the product is accompanied by a copy of the original retail dealer's invoice. Please call Doepfer or the representative/authorized dealer during the normal business hours before returning the product and ask for the respective returning procedure. Shipments without freight prepaid will not be accepted.

Free inspections and maintenance/repair work are excluded from warranty, especially if caused by improper handling of the product by the user.  This also applies to defects caused by normal wear and tear, in particular, of hammer mechanics and touch felts of the keyboards, faders, potentiometers, switches, keys, buttons, modulation wheels, pitch benders, joy sticks, ribbon controllers and similar electro-mechanical parts.

Damages or defects caused by one or more of the following conditions are not covered by this warranty 

  • misuse, neglect or failure to operate the unit in compliance with the instructions given in the user manual

  • connection or operation of the unit in any way that does not comply with the technical or safety regulations applicable in the country where the product is used

  • damages or defects caused by force or any other condition that is beyond the control of the manufacturer

Any repair or opening of the unit carried out by unauthorized personnel (including the user) will void the warranty.

If any inspection/repair of the product by Doepfer or his representative/authorized dealer shows that the defect in question is not covered by warranty, the inspection/repair costs have to be payed by the customer.

Products which do not meet the terms of this warranty will be repaired at the buyer's expense. Doepfer or his representative/authorized dealer will inform the customer of any such circumstance. If the buyer fails to submit a written repair order within 4 weeks after notification, the unit will be returned C.O.D. with a separate invoice for the working hours (required to disciver that the the defect is not covered by warranty), freight and packing. Such costs will also be invoiced when the buyer has sent in a written repair order.

This warranty is extended exclusively to the original buyer (customer of retail dealer) and is not transferable to anyone who may subsequently purchase this product. No other person or company (e.g. retail dealer) shall be entitled to give any warrany promise on behalf of Doepfer.

Failure of Doepfer or his representative/authorized dealer to provide proper warranty service shall not entitle the buyer to claim (consequential) damages. In no event shall the liability of Doepfer or his representative/authorized dealer exceed the invoiced value of the product.


Evaton Technologies:

Warranty Information
Every Evaton Technologies module is covered by a 1 year limited warranty.
The product is warranted against defects in construction and materials during this period. Damage caused by incorrect power supply connection, incorrect power supply voltages, lightning discharge, or other causes determined by Evaton Technologies to be the result of abuse or improper application are not covered.
Evaton Technologies assumes no liability for consequential damages cause by the use of this product.

During the warranty period, contact Evaton Technologies prior to returning equipment for repair. Repairs will be made at no cost, although shipping to Evaton Technologies will be the owner’s responsibility. Repairs required after the warranty period will be charged at the usual shop rate.
Please contact with any questions, concerns, or comments...



Beginning from the date of purchase a 2-year warranty is guaranteed for this device in case of any manufacturing errors or other functional deficiencies during runtime.The warranty does not apply in case of:
- damage caused by misuse
- mechanical damage arising from careless treatment
(dropping, vigorous shaking, mishandling, etc)
- damage caused by liquids penetrating the device
- heat damage caused by overexposure to sunlight or heating
- electric damage caused by improper connecting
(wrong power supply/ jacks/ MIDI connections/ voltage problems).
If you have any complaints please contact your dealer or send an e-mail to:



If the ribbon cable is connected backwards to the power buss, the module will be destroyed. I cannot honor any warrranties in such a case. So be careful, and triple check the connection you’ve made.



Intellijel Designs Inc. warrants this hardware product against defects in materials and workmanship when used normally in accordance with Intellijel’s published guidelines for a period of TWO (2)YEARS from the date of original retail purchase by the end-user purchaser (“Warranty Period”).
This warranty does not cover any damage or malfunction caused by incorrect use – such as, but not limited to, power cables connected backwards/incorrectly, connection of excessive voltage levels, or exposure to extreme temperature and/or moisture levels.
The warranty covers replacement or repair, as decided by Intellijel Designs Inc.. Please contact our customer service ( for a return authorization before sending the module. The freight cost of sending a module back for servicing is the responsibility of the customer.
Intellijel implies and accepts no responsibility for harm to person or apparatus caused through operation of this product.


Kenton Electronics:


Kenton products are very thoroughly tested prior to despatch thus we achieve an almost zero failure rate. In the extremely unlikely event of a problem, Kenton equipment is covered by a "back to base" warranty for a period of one year from date of purchase. "Back to base" means that return of the product to Kenton is your responsibility and at your cost. We do not organise collection. On receipt, we will examine the goods, and if found to be faulty will repair or replace at our discretion and return to you at our cost. If no fault is found, we will discuss the problem with you, but return to you will be chargeable.

If you suspect that one of our products is faulty, you should first contact our technical department who will try to help you find what the problem is. This can usually be isolated to another piece of equipment, cables, or simply a misunderstanding of the equipment or connections. You need to supply a description of the problem as well as the unit serial number.

If our technical department decides that the equipment needs to be returned, you will need to get a returns authorisation number from them. You should send the goods well protected to minimise the risk of damage in transit and you should use a service which will collect a signature on delivery to us. For more expensive items it may be worthwhile considering insuring the goods in transit also.


Koma Eletronik:

KOMA Elektronik warrants its products to be free of defects in materials / workmanship and is conform the specifications at the time of shipment for a period of two years from the date of purchase. Within this warranty period, all products which are not working anymore or show other malfunctions will be repaired or replaced, at KOMA Elektronik’s expense, on a return-to-factory basis. This is only though, when KOMA Elektronik finds out they are not the fault of the user.

Returning Your Product?
Before you send back your unit, we would like to get an email, so we know we can expect your pedal at our workspace. We will send you a RMA (Return Material Authorization) number so we can identify your shipment. All products must be packed carefully and shipped with the KOMA Elektronik power adapter. We cannot honor the warranty when the product is not properly packed. Once you have received the RMA#, ship the product to KOMA Elektronik with transportation and insurance charges paid, and include your return shipping address. Products sent back to KOMA Elektronik for return must have an RMA number and the text ”WARENRUCKSENDUNG” clearly marked on the outside of the shipping box (this so it doesnt get stuck in customs). We will take care of it from there.

How to initiate your warranty?
Let us know by sending an e-mail to

What will we do?
Once received, we will check the product for signs of user abuse or damage as a result of transport. If the product has been abused, damaged while being transported or is out of warranty, we will contact you with an estimate of the repair cost. Warranty work will be performed and KOMA Elektronik will ship and insure your product to your shipping address for free.


Make Noise:


Make Noise warrants this product to be free of defects in materials or construction for a period of one year from the date of manufacture.

Malfunction resulting from wrong power supply voltages, backwards power cable connection, abuse of the product or any other causes determined by Make Noise to be the fault of the user are not covered by this warranty, and normal service rates will apply.

During the warranty period, any defective products will be repaired or replaced, at the option of Make Noise,on a return-to-Make Noise basis, with the customer paying the transit cost to Make Noise. Please contact Make Noise for Return To Manufacturer Authorization.

Make Noise implies and accepts no responsibility for harm to person or apparatus caused through operation of this product.

Please contact


MFB: (no statement found)

Tel.: 030/801 56 52
Fax: 030/802 36 13



Mutable Instruments:


This product is covered by Mutable Instruments’ warranty, for one year following the date of manufacture. This warranty covers any defect in the manufacturing of this product. This warranty does not cover any damage or malfunction caused by incorrect use – such as, but not limited to, power cables connected backwards, excessive voltage levels, or exposure to extreme temperature or moisture levels.

The warranty covers replacement or repair, as decided by Mutable Instruments. Please contact our customer service ( for a return authorization before sending the module. The cost of sending a module back for servicing is paid for by the customer.

Mutable Instruments encourages modding and hacking, but we will not service modified units or provide any assistance in the realization of mods. We provide an “unbricking” (firmware reinstallation and reinitialization) service in the event of a failed firmware upgrade procedure. We do not “unbrick” devices if a custom firmware has been installed on them.


Verbos Electronics: (no statement found)


Vermona: (no statment found)

HDB electronic GmbH
Badesteig 20
08265 Erlbach
Phone: +49 37422 25 30
Fax: +49 37422 23 97


Qu-Bit Electronix: (no statement found)

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