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  • Rebel Technology Stoicheia*
    Rebel Technology Stoicheia*

    *requires 5V (e.g. Doepfer A-100AD5)

    Stoicheia is a dual Euclidean Sequencer. It algorithmically generates rhythmic sequences from an input trigger signal.

    The module creates rhythmical structures from a clock by the use of an…

    € 215,00
  • Rebel Technology Logoi*
    Rebel Technology Logoi*

    *requires 5V (e.g. Doepfer A-100AD5)

    Logoi is a voltage controlled clock divider, counter, and delay. It subdivides and adds time, creating organic, evolving signatures. Logoi brings movement and life to the trigger signal, from…

    € 275,00
  • Rebel Technology Klasmata*
    Rebel Technology Klasmata*

    *requires 5V (e.g. Doepfer A-100AD5)

    The Klasmata module by Rebel Technology contains one half of the Stoichea module but with additional voltage control of two parameters and 32 steps sequence length. Just like the Stoicheia it…

    € 255,00
  • Rebel Technology BitReactor*
    Rebel Technology BitReactor*

    *requires 5V (e.g. Doepfer A-100AD5)

    The Bit Reactor is a straightforward Bitcrusher (max.8 Bit) and Sample Rate Reduction Module, which boasts a virtue hardly ever found in its species: musicality.
    Controls for Bit Crushing,…

    € 255,00
  • M3x6 Screws Silver (20x)
    M3x6 Screws Silver (20x)

    Bag with 20 M3x6 Silver screws for mounting your modules

    € 2,50

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