Who is Monome?

Monome is Brian Crabtree and Kelli Cain. They met in art school where their initial collaborations included electro-mechanical installations, films, and music. now they live and work in the mountains of upstate new york where they also tend apple orchards, nubian goats, streams, and forests.

Monome is operated on a human scale. They use local suppliers and manufacturers with whom they've created long-term, trusting relationships. environmental and economic sustainability are critical considerations in their design process.They believe in beautiful design and quality craftsmanship. editions are produced in short runs according to demand. staying small affords the flexibility to pursue interesting new directions, not simply commodify established trends.

in 2013 they were joined by Trent Gill who continues to contribute innumerably.


  • Monome one twenty eight
    Monome one twenty eight

    Monome one twenty eight

    Grid controller, 8 x 16, usb. for use with computers and our software library or with Monome eurorack modules.

    Each monome grid holds a field of backlit keypads where the buttons and lights are decoupled…

    € 895,00
  • Monome White Whale
    Monome White Whale

    Monome White Whale

    grid-enabled live probabilistic step sequencer

    2 cv out, 4 trig out
    1 param knob
    1 clock knob
    clock trig in, clock trig outwhite whale is the culmination of methods and experiments based on a decade of step…

    € 360,00
  • Monome Meadowphysics
    Monome Meadowphysics

    Monome Meadowphysics

    hizomatic Cascading Counter for Monome Grids

    meadowphysics facilitates the exploration of polyrhythms and rule-based sequencing, producing a wide range of emergent patterns.

    a monome grid is plugged into…

    € 335,00
  • Monome Earthsea
    Monome Earthsea

    Monome Earthsea

    shape-memory pattern instrument

    earthsea is a platform for playing, looping, and manipulating control-voltage gestures, which may take the form of melodies and timbral transformations.

    a monome grid is plugged…

    € 410,00
  • Monome Switch
    Monome Switch

    Monome Switch

    External power module and context switch for monome grids.

    Switch operates isolated from your Eurorack power supply. Simply screw the module into your case and you're ready to power on.

    Attach the included 9v…

    € 49,00
  • Monome Teletype
    Monome Teletype

    Monome Teletype

    algorithmic ecosystem

    Teletype is a dynamic, musical event triggering platform.

    Scripts are assigned to each of the eight trigger inputs. herein you can set CV values (four outputs) and trigger gates (four…

    € 615,00
  • Monome Walk
    Monome Walk

    Monome Walk


    Walk is a foot switch controller with extended functionality.

    Each switch input has a momentary and toggle ouput. there is an XOR (one or the other) output, along with AND (both down).

    Modular play is…

    € 179,00

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