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DinSync is Paul Barker from Sweden. He is a repair technician for vintage analog gear at a studio/workshop. He spends his spare time with music, running an own vinyl label, doing acid performane and is a DJ. Din Sync has made serveral Eurorack Modules. His latest products are the DrumDokta2 Eurorack Drummachine and controller and a VCF called Sara. These two are available now.  His famous Modseq is out of production, but it will probably be available again at the end of 2015.

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Website manufacturer: http://www.dinsync.info/

  • Din Sync Sara VCF
    Din Sync Sara VCF

    Din Sync Sara VCF

    The Sara VCF is a fully voltage controlled state variable filter with dual “opposing” self oscillating cores. The tone capabilities can range from delicate to outrageous and all stops in between. Everything…

    € 249,00
  • Din Sync DrumDokta2 Eurorack Drummachine
    Din Sync DrumDokta2 Eurorack Drummachine

    Din Sync DrumDokta2 Eurorack Drummachine

    The DrumDokta2 combines the sound core of the BOSS DR-110 with a 7-track sequencer by Sonic Potions and an opto-distortion by RYO. This module is way more than just some drum voices but an…

    € 375,00

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