Birdkids is an Austrian company and record label based in Vienna which designs and manufactures electronic musical instruments.
The company’s main product line THE BATELEUR is a Modular Synthesizer System in Eurorack format.

  • birdkids THE BATELEUR VCO
    birdkids THE BATELEUR VCO

    birdkids THE BATELEUR VCO

    (available august second half 2016)

    The Bateleur combines a discrete analog VCO with a discrete analog lowpass filter.
    The filter can be switched to self oscillation mode, perfectly suited to act as a…

    € 599,00
  • birdkids Mixer/Noise
    birdkids Mixer/Noise

    birdkids Mixer/Noise

    technical details

    Width: 6HP

    4x Audio-input

    € 109,00
  • birdkids THE BATELEUR VCO Expander
    birdkids THE BATELEUR VCO Expander

    technical details

    Width: 8HP

    Cutoff-CV-input (VCF)
    Resonanz-CV-input (VCF)
    FM-CV-input (VCO)
    Audio-input (VCA)
    Audio-output (VCA)
    CV-input (VCA)

    € 129,00

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