• ERM midiclock
    ERM midiclock

    The Midiclock, build by Erfindungsbuero Rest und Maier is a tiny but fine solution for timing issues of all types. BPM can be defined exactly by a clickable rotary knob built in a cigarette pack-like steelcase that starts and…

    € 180,00
  • ERM MIDIclock+
    ERM MIDIclock+

    ERM MIDIclock+

    The midiclock+ build by E-RM Erfindungsbüro is a professional masterclock solution that greatly improves synchronisation of MIDI, DIN-sync and modular systems.
    The tempo of the jitter-free clock signals can be set…

    € 195,00
  • ERM modular whip
    ERM modular whip

    ERM modular whip

    Breakout converter to use E-RM masterclocks with a modular synth.
    Converts between DIN sockets and clock/reset/start/stop 3.5mm jacks and vice versa.technical details

    1 x DIN Plug
    2 x 3.5mm jack socket

    € 20,00
  • ERM Multiclock USB
    ERM Multiclock USB

    The multiclock USB build by E-RM Erfindungsbüro is a one-stop shop for synchronising all kinds of musical gear with great precision to a master DAW.
    It converts all kinds of clock signals from one to another and is able to derive…

    € 519,00


Endorphin.es Terminal € 549,00 € 499,00


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