Tiptop Audio Z-DSP cartridge - Valhalla Shimmer

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Tiptop Audio Z-DSP cartridge - Valhalla Shimmer

The Valhalla Shimmer is like a long reverb with pitch shifting. Using the first six programs you can create dense clouds and with the other two flanger-like effects or echos.

Following six reverb programs are included:

  1. Fast Shimmer. Modulated reverb, quickly decaying into an endless tail which can be pitch shifted up to ±12 semitones.
  2. Slow Shimmer. Like the previous program but with a slower attack.
  3. Dual Shimmer. Two pitch shifted voices within a reverb network, shifting the reverb decay into both positive and negative driections.
  4. Triple Shimmer. Two reverb voices with ±12 semitones pitch shift. One additional voice outside of the reverb without feedback and a pitch shift of ±7 semitones.
  5. Quad Shimmer. Four pitch shifted voices feeding info a lush modulated reverb. Creates dissonant and consonant chord textures which form a major chord at maximum pitch shift.
  6. ClusterVerb. Again four voices but this time within the reverb network. The result are dissonant and metallic effects.

the last two programs are other types of FX:

  1. Quad Detune. four short delays with pitch shifting, feedbacking each other. Strong chorus effect, partially with dissonances.
  2. PitchEcho. One pitch shifted voice in combination with a tape echo emulation for experimental effects.

The adjustable parameters are DECAY time, TONE, and amount of pitch SHIFTing; only the PitchEcho program has a Feedback parameter instead the Tone

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