WMD is a manufacturer of music hardware including Modular Synthesizers, Guitar Pedals, and stand alone music instruments.  Their  focus is to create quality products with an emphasis on features and versatility.

More than a brand or a company, they are truly a collective of artists.  Each and every one of them make art or music in one way or another.  They strive to make products that they would actually use in their everyday musical lives.  In order to do this they run an extensive beta testing program in which potential products get put into rigs of their employees and  well known artists they have grown close to over the years.  They go on tour, get recorded and gigged before they hit the market ensuring a powerful, intuitive feature set and top notch build.

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website manufacturer: https://www.wmdevices.com/

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  • WMD - Mantic- Flex PLL
    WMD - Mantic- Flex PLL

    WMD - Mantic- Flex

    MANTIC CONCEPTUAL - FLEXInitially released in 2014, the Mantic Flex lead the charge in the recent upsurge of PLL (phase locked loop) popularity and continues to set itself apart from other PLL's in that it is…

    € 249,00
  • WMD - Volt
    WMD - Volt

    WMD- Volt

    The VOLT is a precision voltage source and offset generator for eurorack modular synthesizers.

    With it’s 14V range (-7V to +7V), VOLT can be used to calibrate oscillators, filter tracking, or anything that needs a…

    € 219,00
  • WMD - Digital VCA
    WMD - Digital VCA

    WMD Digital VCA

    The Multimode Envelope uses an analog integrator core with digital control over positive and negative slopes. This allows for total control over the envelope shape and logic operation. Since the core is analog,…

    € 229,00
  • WMD - Clear Fader Caps for Eurorack Modules (50x)
    WMD - Clear Fader Caps for Eurorack Modules (50x)

    WMD - Clear Fader Caps for Eurorack Modules (Bag with 50 pieces)

    Protect the faders on your favorite modules while making them more comfortable to use at the same time!

    Perfect size for modules like the WMD Performance Mixer,…

    € 45,00
  • WMD - Quad Anti Aliasing Filter (QAAF) Black
    WMD - Quad Anti Aliasing Filter (QAAF) Black

    WMD Quad Anti Aliasing Filter (QAAF) Black

    he WMD Quad Anti Aliasing Filter (QAAF) was conceptualized as the first expansion for the Phase Displacement Oscillator.

    It is designed to eliminate aliasing and stair-step distortion…

    € 239,00

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