Eowave from Paris started out making small analogue effects and tools with a decidedly "sick" and dirty sound, something which developer Marc Sirguy often missed in contemporary computer based productions. Consequently, their inexpensive modules cover a palette of decidedly warm sounds from clean to cutting distortion. This is not so much for aficionados of cool precision. Lovers of classic Radiophonic Workshop Sci-Fi sounds - this way please...

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Website manufacturer: http://www.eowave.com/

  • Eowave Quadrantid Swarm (module)
    Eowave Quadrantid Swarm (module)

    eowave Quadrantid Swarm (module)

    The Quandrantid Swarm module is a versatile and unique synth voice for sound designers and musicians looking to explore exquisite and unfamiliar timbres that range from subtle to outrageous,…

    € 485,00
  • Eowave Weather Drones
    Eowave Weather Drones

    Eowave Weather Drones

    The Weather Drones is an all in one drone voice for eurorack modular.

    It features a triangle based digital oscillator and a lowpass filter. Furthermore it offers three modulation sources: LFO with square…

    € 199,00
  • Eowave  - Orage MKII VCO
    Eowave - Orage MKII VCO

    Eowave Orage MKII

    The 'Orage Magnétique' project is dedicated to the design of a sound spaciolab, recreating sounds from space (inspired by the sounds recorded by the Huygens-Cassini mission). The Orage (Storm) module is a…

    € 249,00
  • Eowave Germania 241 MKII VCA (black)
    Eowave Germania 241 MKII VCA (black)

    EOWAVE GERMANIA 241 MKII VCA (BLACK)GERMANIA 241 is a germanium transistor voltage controlled amplifier simulating the crossing of the belt of asteroids Germania 241. The germanium transistor will add this particular distorted…

    € 159,00
  • Eowave Source d`energie, PSU Module, black
    Eowave Source d`energie, PSU Module, black

    Eowave Source d`energie, PSU Module, black

    The Source D'Energie is a power supply module designed to power up to a 6U case with +/-12v and 5v rails. Wall wart plugs can be used for a skiff or case with few modules, but for…

    € 92,00
  • Eowave Swing
    Eowave Swing

    Eowave Swing

    The Swing module is simple, but an effective addition to analog sequencers. Swing is a voltage-controlled clock delay with three modes, which can be used to provide step sequencers with a swing factor.


    € 99,00

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