• Doepfer A-133 Dual Voltage Controlled Polarizer
    Doepfer A-133 Dual Voltage Controlled Polarizer

    A-133 is a special dual voltage controlled amplifier that enables both positive and negative amplifications. Negative amplification means in this context that the signal is inverted. The main application of the module is the…

    € 75,00
  • Doepfer A-138c Polarizing Mixer
    Doepfer A-138c Polarizing Mixer

    Module A-138c is a four channel mixer, that allows to add or to subtract four incoming voltages to the output signal. In the middle position of the corresponding control the amplification is zero. Turning the knob counterclockwise…

    € 70,00
  • Doepfer A-138e Quad Three-Way Crossfader / Mixer / Polarizer
    Doepfer A-138e Quad Three-Way Crossfader / Mixer / Polarizer

    Module A-138e contains four identical units that can be used for different crossfading, mixing and polarizing applications:

    ∙ Polarizer: only input A is used, inputs B and C are unconnected. In this case the sub-unit works as a…

    € 85,00
  • Doepfer A-183-2 Offset-Generator/Attenuator/Polarizer
    Doepfer A-183-2 Offset-Generator/Attenuator/Polarizer

    Module A-183-2 is a simple voltage offset generator combined with an attenuator/polarizer for the CV input. The function is similar to the vocoder slew-limiter module A-129-3. But the A-183-2 has only one channel available and…

    € 45,00
  • Intellijel Quad Inverter
    Intellijel Quad Inverter

    QUAD CV INVERTER / AUDIO BUFFER IN 2HPEach output is a buffered negative version of the input. e.g. if an input is fed a 2v cv signal, the output will be a -2v signal.

    All outputs are normalled to the inverter input below…

    € 89,00
  • Doepfer A-175 Dual Voltage Inverter
    Doepfer A-175 Dual Voltage Inverter

    Module A-175 (Dual Voltage Inverter) is exactly what it says it is: two identical inverters, which will take a voltage and output it in an inverted form - so that an input of +5 V will be output as -5 V, an input of -2 V will be…

    € 55,00
  • Intellijel Triatt
    Intellijel Triatt

    RIPLE ATTENUATOR, INVERTER, ATTENUVERTER AND DC VOLTAGE SOURCEThis is a utility module we found ourselves always needing and using. The three well spaced knobs can act as active attenuators, attenuverters (bipolar) and inverting…

    € 105,00
  • Make Noise Teleplexer
    Make Noise Teleplexer

    Telegraph Style signal multiplexer.

    The Teleplexer is a telegraph style multiplexer (signal router) that applies the fast, physically immediate techniques of telegraphy to playing the modular synthesizer. The user patches any…

    € 139,00
  • Mutable Instruments Shades
    Mutable Instruments Shades

    Mutable Instruments Shades

    Mixer, offset, attenuverterOverviewShades provides 3 channels of audio/CV processing which can be configured either as active attenuators or as attenuverters.

    A bicolor LED monitors the polarity and…

    € 99,00
  • WMD Invert Offset
    WMD Invert Offset

    WMD Invert Offset

    The 6 HP Invert Offset module creates an easy way to modify control voltages for other modules in your system.

    The Invert Offset consists of two identical channels. Signal applied to the In jack is vertically…

    € 90,00
  • WMD/SSF Scale - Polarize - Offset (S.P.O)
    WMD/SSF Scale - Polarize - Offset (S.P.O)

    WMD/SSF Scale - Polarize - Offset (S.P.O)

    S.P.O. is a polarizing scaler and offset generator.

    Up to two inputs can be summed into a single scaler/offset generator.

    The offset generator provides a DC voltage source for shifting…

    € 139,00


    TOOL-BOX is a collection of six useful synthesizer utilities.

    This module includes a two input voltage summing section, a signal rectifier, bipolar comparator, analog OR (maximum), an inverter and a voltage…

    € 189,00

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