ReBach - Musical Electronics

ReBach - Musical Electronics

ReBach is a relatively new Dutch Eurorack Manufacturer from the south of The Netherlands. Their approach in designs is based on sound and focuses on realization of high-quality sounding systems on traditional or new techniques, adapting them to maximum audio experience resulting in highly characteristic instruments.  Rene Ubachs has a history in music production, studio facilities and sound design. 

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    Rebach - GR11 VCO
    Rebach - GR11 VCO

    Rebach - GR11 VCO

    ∙ Eurorack Voltage Controlled Oscillator Frequency range plm 2Hz > 8kHz
    ∙ SAW core oscillator
    ∙ Tuned for bass applications and applicable as semi-LFO.
    ∙ skiff-friendly
    ∙ Size: HP18 (W90.30mm H128.5mm…

    € 195,00
  • New!

    ReBach -  GR61 Mix
    ReBach - GR61 Mix

    GR61 MIX

    ∙ Eurorack 3ch mixer
    ∙ Applicable for audio and CV signals ( DC coupled )
    ∙ 3 input level controllers. 1 output sum controller
    ∙ skiff-friendly
    ∙ Size: HP8 (W40.64mm H128.5mm D26mm)
    ∙ EAN code:…

    € 59,00
  • New!

    ReBach - GR21 VCF
    ReBach - GR21 VCF

    ReBach - GR21 VCF Low Pass Filter

    The GR21 is developed for bass applications also applicable for FX, with extremely rough sound and deep frequency range.

    It has one line input, one fixed CV input, one variable CV input and one…

    € 110,00

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