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  • Qu-Bit Electronix - Pulsar
    Qu-Bit Electronix - Pulsar

    Qu-Bit Electronix - Pulsar

    Pulsar is a burst generator inspired by stars that output beams of electromagnetic radiation in space. Once keyed, a stream of triggers are dispersed across four outputs.

    Environmental factors like…

    € 290,00
  • 2hp - Clk
    2hp - Clk

    2hp - Clk

    Clk is a voltage controlled clock generator with all of the features a master clock needs. It has an extremely wide range from ten seconds between pulses well into audio rate. In addition, the pause button and CV input…

    € 80,00
  • Expert Sleepers  FH-1 'faderHost' USB MIDI Host
    Expert Sleepers FH-1 'faderHost' USB MIDI Host

    Expert Sleepers FH-1 'faderHost' USB MIDI Host

    (latest firmware, version 1.5)

    The FH-1 'faderHost' is a USB MIDI Host in an 8HP Eurorack module, allowing you to directly connect a USB MIDI controller to your modular…

    € 249,00 € 199,00
  • Make Noise Wogglebug (black)
    Make Noise Wogglebug (black)

    Richter WogglebugThe "WoggleBug" is a random voltage generator, originally designed by Grant Richter of Wiard Synthesizers. It is a continuation of the "smooth" and "stepped" fluctuating random voltage sources pioneered by Don…

    € 259,00
  • Intellijel Metropolis
    Intellijel Metropolis

    INTELLIJEL METROPOLIS COMPLEX MULTI STAGE PITCH AND GATE SEQUENCERThe Metropolis is a unique and powerful musical sequencer inspired by the Ryk M-185 (a Roland System 100m format sequencer.) but with many additional enhancements…

    € 625,00
  • Mutable Instruments Grids
    Mutable Instruments Grids

    Topographic drum sequencerTake the user interface of an euclidean sequencer, a healthy dose of machine learning and graph algorithms, megabytes of drum loops, hours of intensive computations and you’ve got a drum pattern…

    € 219,00
  • Mutable Instruments Yarns
    Mutable Instruments Yarns

    YARNSMIDI interfaceOverviewYarns is a MIDI interface providing up to 4 channels of CV/Gate conversion, and providing some of the MIDI message processing features of Mutable Instruments’ MIDIpal, including arpeggiator, euclidean…

    € 299,00
  • Doepfer A-154 Sequencer Controller
    Doepfer A-154 Sequencer Controller

    Module A-154 is a supplement to the A-155 Analog/Trigger Sequencer module. It offers a lot of new features that are not available in the basic control unit of the A-155. The A-154 is used to replace the control unit of one or two…

    € 175,00
  • ALM001 / Pamela's Workout
    ALM001 / Pamela's Workout

    ‘Pamela’s Workout’ is a compact programmable clock source for your eurorack modular synthesizer system. It provides 8 highly editable trigger outputs, all correlated to a direct and voltage controlled BPM based…

    € 245,00
  • Doepfer A-160 Clock/Trigger Divider
    Doepfer A-160 Clock/Trigger Divider

    Module A-160 is a frequency divider for clock/trigger/gate signals, designed to be a source of lower frequencies, particularly for rhythm uses. The Trigger input will take clock signals from, eg., an LFO, MIDI sync, or the gate…

    € 65,00
  • Doepfer A-161 Clock/Trigger Sequencer
    Doepfer A-161 Clock/Trigger Sequencer

    Module A-161 is an eight-step Clock Sequencer which is internally connected to the Clock Divider (A-160). Eight outputs are sequentially switched by the clock signals from the A-160 (see Fig. 1) and can act, for instance, as…

    € 65,00
  • Doepfer A-165 Dual Trigger Inverter/Modifier
    Doepfer A-165 Dual Trigger Inverter/Modifier

    Module A-165 (Dual Trigger Modifier) contains two separate trigger modifiers, to use with logical / digital levels (Gate, Clock, Trigger). Each half of the module enables signals generated by the A-100 to communicate with other…

    € 60,00
  • Intellijel Plog
    Intellijel Plog

    VOLTAGE CONTROLLED LOGIC AND TAP CLOCK MODULE IN 8HPThe Plog module comprises two programmable logic sections (select one of six different 3 input boolean logic types) as well as a toggle flipflop and data flipflop block. all four…

    € 245,00
  • Monome Meadowphysics
    Monome Meadowphysics

    Monome Meadowphysics

    hizomatic Cascading Counter for Monome Grids

    meadowphysics facilitates the exploration of polyrhythms and rule-based sequencing, producing a wide range of emergent patterns.

    a monome grid is plugged into…

    € 335,00 € 299,00
  • Mutable Instruments Tides
    Mutable Instruments Tides

    available end of aprilTidal modulatorOverviewTides is all about waves that go up and down, from minute-long cycles to audio rates… This module is Mutable Instruments’ unique take on the looping AD envelope generator –…

    € 249,00
  • Noise Engineering Numeric Repetitor (NR)
    Noise Engineering Numeric Repetitor (NR)

    Noise Engineering Numeric Repetitor (NR)

    Numeric Repetitor is a rhythmic gate generator based on binary arithmetic. A core pattern forms the basis and variation is achieved by treating this pattern as a binary number and…

    € 225,00
  • Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythms Grid Sequencer
    Tiptop Audio Circadian Rhythms Grid Sequencer

    The Circadian Rhythms is moving modular synthesizer technology another step forward by gluing all the pieces of a system together. Each module or voice can now be programmed to play straight from an intelligent, eight-channel,…

    € 625,00
  • Vermona Modular fourMulator
    Vermona Modular fourMulator

    The fourMulator contains four (digital) LFOs with following waveforms: rising and falling sawtooth, square, triangle, sine and random (S?&H) and it works beyond this as a clock generator with tap-tempo function.

    Each LFO can be…

    € 369,00
  • Qu-Bit Electronix -  Tri-ger,  Silver
    Qu-Bit Electronix - Tri-ger, Silver

    Qu-Bit Electronix - Tri-ger, Silver

    Set yourself free from the tyranny of quantized rhythms. No more cold, lifeless patterns. Enter the world of push and pull that has been present in music since time immemorial.

    Tri-ger is a 3…

    € 345,00
  • Intellijel  Cylonix Rainmaker
    Intellijel Cylonix Rainmaker

    Intellijel Cylonix Rainmaker

    The Intellijel/Cylonix RAINMAKER eurorack-format module provides a high-quality (96KHz sampling rate with 32-bit internal processing) stereo rhythmic delay and stereo comb resonator effect.


    € 675,00
  • Make Noise Tempi  - Time shifter
    Make Noise Tempi - Time shifter

    Make Noise Tempi - Time shifter

    TEMPI is a 6 CHannel, polyphonic time-shifting clock module. It provides an intuitive method for creation and recall of complex clocking arrangements within a modular synthesizer system. Using…

    € 279,00
  • 2hp - 3:1
    2hp - 3:1

    2hp - 3:1

    3:1 is a voltage controlled switch. It allows the user to send one of three input signals to a single output.

    Control over the active input allows the user to craft unique rhythmic events from existing gates and clocks…

    € 80,00
  • 2hp - Div
    2hp - Div

    2hp - Div

    Div is a 2 channel, voltage controlled clock divider and multiplier. Incoming clock signals can be multiplied or divided by a factor of 16 with a multitude of values in between.

    CV inputs provide external control of…

    € 100,00
  • 2hp - Logic
    2hp - Logic

    2hp - Logic

    Logic is a 2 channel, boolean gate operator. It provides two unique logic operations: AND and OR. The AND Channel is useful for gating existing rhythmic events within a patch.

    Conversely, The OR channel is well…

    € 90,00
  • Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4
    Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4

    Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4 (next batch expected end of May 2018)

    (Don't blow up this thing and handle with care so take precautions for static electricity)

    There's a midi breakout module for the disting here!

    The Disting is a…

    € 195,00 € 189,00
  • Terminal Terminal Terminal

    Terminal combines a loopable dual AD envelope with a low pass gate and a digital reverb/ech unit one module.

    Sections airplane A and B feature two identical, voltage controlled function generators with…

    € 499,00
  • Mutable Instruments Marbles
    Mutable Instruments Marbles

    Mutable Instruments Marbles

    Random gate generatorMaster clock

    ∙ Internal clock with adjustable rate (with V/O CV input), or division/multiplication of an external clock.
    ∙ Range selection button further multiplying or…

    € 299,00
  • Eowave Zone B.F. Dual LFO, black
    Eowave Zone B.F. Dual LFO, black

    Eowave Zone B.F. Dual LFO, black

    The Zone B.F. is a compact (5HP) Dual LFO with 16 different waveforms, some of which are quite unusual. Its sync (reset) inputs can be set to be CV inputs by using jumpers on the back of the…

    € 99,00

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