Klavis Modular Systems by Diagonal Electronics

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  • Klavis Quadigy
    Klavis Quadigy

    Klavis Quadigy

    Quad Envelope Generator

    Quad 7-stage envelopes
    Continuous curve shape setting
    Independent output level
    Cycle capability with auto fit-to-clock

    € 309,00
  • Klavis Twin Waves MKII
    Klavis Twin Waves MKII

    Klavis Twin Waves MKII

    Voltage-controlled Dual VCO/LFO/random

    Two oscillators independently set as VCO, LFO, or random generator
    Features in VCO mode:
    V/Oct tracking over 10 octaves
    Through zero and linear FM

    € 269,00
  • Klavis CalTrans
    Klavis CalTrans

    Klavis CalTrans

    Quad programmable Volt/Octave calibrator and transposer

    Four V/Oct processing channels, each with
    Curve correction and range expansion for any VCO, VCF or other oscillating circuit with a CV acting on pitch

    € 189,00
  • Klavis Logica XT
    Klavis Logica XT

    Klavis Logica XT

    Voltage-controlled logic and gate processor

    14 modes of operation:
    6 basic logic functions
    2 forced states
    6 advanced logic functions:
    The Gater adds-up multiple gate signals while maintaining each triggering…

    € 139,00
  • Klavis Mixwitch
    Klavis Mixwitch

    Klavis Mixwitch

    Mixer & Switcher

    Dual 2 to 1 mixers, normalized into 4 to 1
    Click-less mute per mixer
    Click-less polarity inversion per input with LED indication
    Modulation vs. audio mode selection (lin/log) per mixer, with…

    € 159,00
  • Klavis Flexshaper
    Klavis Flexshaper

    Klavis Flexshaper

    CV-controlled voltage mapper and waveshaper

    Process from DC to full audio range
    Unipolar/bipolar input mode switch
    Nominal & clip level LEDs
    Output signal LED
    Input gain setting for nominal level setting,…

    € 149,00
  • Klavis NoDrain (5V generator)
    Klavis NoDrain (5V generator)

    Klavis NoDrain

    Negative to +5V converter

    Offers up to one amp of precise 5Volts
    Takes its power from where you won’t use it: the negative rail
    Gives you back the +12V power previously used to make 5V
    High efficiency…

    € 25,00
  • Klavis Grainity
    Klavis Grainity

    Klavis Grainity

    he Grainity brings a unique and never-heard-before concept to the world of analog VCF.
    While being based on analog filtering only, the Grainity expands and enriches the sound in creating subharmonics, harmonies,…

    € 309,00

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