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In 2007 Jake from RYK Modular had a Roland System 100m modular system and found himself dissatisfied with the M‑182 sequencer and its incessant looping. So, he developed the M185 sequencer in the System 100m format to introduce rests, repeats and gate patterns to make the sequences more creative and playable. He released it in 2009 as a fully built and kit version and it drew the attention of a few Eurorack manufacturers. He sold a license to Intellijel who, in 2012, released the very well‑regarded Metropolis sequencer for Eurorack.

People have bugged him ever since to release a Eurorack kit version.  So, taking his original design he pushed it about a bit, expanded a few features and here we have a new and improved M185 sequencer for Eurorack.

Read a piece of history here: https://www.soundonsound.com/node/4922466




  • RYK Modular - M185 Sequencer
    RYK Modular - M185 Sequencer

    RYK Modular - M185 Sequencer

    The M185 sequencer was originally designed for the Roland 100m system and was the model for Intellijel's Metropolis sequencer. A new version with exciting features is now available directly from the…

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