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  • Audio Damage ADM06 Sequencer 1
    Audio Damage ADM06 Sequencer 1

    Intuitive live sequencer module that produces notes, gates and 3 tempo-synchronised CVs. It offers various clocking options, both input- and output-wise. SD-card memory (4x16 sequences), sequence length up to 64 setps, ratcheting,…

    € 799,00
  • Doepfer A-154 Sequencer Controller
    Doepfer A-154 Sequencer Controller

    Module A-154 is a supplement to the A-155 Analog/Trigger Sequencer module. It offers a lot of new features that are not available in the basic control unit of the A-155. The A-154 is used to replace the control unit of one or two…

    € 175,00
  • Doepfer A-155 Analog/Trigger Sequencer
    Doepfer A-155 Analog/Trigger Sequencer

    Analog and Trigger Sequencer, 2 rows of 8 steps with knobs and 2 rows of 8 steps switches

    Features of the analog rows (knobs):

    ∙ 8 potentiometers (knobs)
    ∙ lower row: Scale (knob), voltage output range 0 ... ~ +6,5V

    € 300,00
  • New!

    Doepfer A-157- 1/2/3 Trigger Sequencer
    Doepfer A-157- 1/2/3 Trigger Sequencer

    Doepfer A-157- 1/2/3 Trigger Sequencer

    A-157 is a trigger sequencer subsystem that is used to generate up to eight trigger signals controlled by a 8x16 LED/button matrix (some customers call it "Miniature Schaltwerk" as it is…

    € 499,00
  • Doepfer A-161 Clock/Trigger Sequencer
    Doepfer A-161 Clock/Trigger Sequencer

    Module A-161 is an eight-step Clock Sequencer which is internally connected to the Clock Divider (A-160). Eight outputs are sequentially switched by the clock signals from the A-160 (see Fig. 1) and can act, for instance, as…

    € 65,00
  • Flame 2013 Arpeggiator Bundle
    Flame 2013 Arpeggiator Bundle

    The Flame Arpeggiator 20013 is a 2 channel arpeggiator with separate analog outputs for the pitch CV, gate and velocity as well as the sequence clock.
    Both arpeggios are also sent to the MIDI out port (channel 1 and 2). The first…

    € 375,00
  • Intellijel Metropolis
    Intellijel Metropolis

    INTELLIJEL METROPOLIS COMPLEX MULTI STAGE PITCH AND GATE SEQUENCERThe Metropolis is a unique and powerful musical sequencer inspired by the Ryk M-185 (a Roland System 100m format sequencer.) but with many additional enhancements…

    € 665,00
  • Intellijel µStep II
    Intellijel µStep II


    ∙ Seperate sequence lenghts (1-8 steps long each)
    ∙ Seperate gate lengths
    ∙ Store/Recall patterns (8 locations)
    ∙ 8 levels of Shuffle
    ∙ Seperate…

    € 225,00
  • Koma Komplex Sequencer
    Koma Komplex Sequencer

    Koma Komplex Sequencer

    (will be ordered on request, please ask for delivery time)


    At the 2015 NAMM Show, KOMA Elektronik announced the Komplex Sequencer, a new…

    € 1.699,00
  • Make Noise Brains
    Make Noise Brains

    Make Noise Brains

    BRAINS is a clocked sequential binary event machine. It is designed to be connected to one or two Pressure Points to form a 4 or 8-Step 3-channel analog sequencer. Classic synthesis control!

    ∙ Voltage Control…

    € 135,00
  • Make Noise Pressure Points
    Make Noise Pressure Points

    Make Noise Pressure Points

    Pressure Points is a controller module, an analog sequencer that is played by hand. Touching the gold plated copper wires (aka Touch Plates), you become part of the circuit, generating a gate signal…

    € 245,00
  • Make Noise René
    Make Noise René

    Make Noise René

    René is the world's only Cartesian Sequencer for music synthesizers. Named for the French philosopher & mathematician René Descartes, it uses his Cartesian coordinate system to unlock the analog step sequencer…

    € 569,00
  • Monome Earthsea
    Monome Earthsea

    Monome Earthsea

    shape-memory pattern instrument

    earthsea is a platform for playing, looping, and manipulating control-voltage gestures, which may take the form of melodies and timbral transformations.

    a monome grid is plugged…

    € 410,00
  • Monome White Whale
    Monome White Whale

    Monome White Whale

    grid-enabled live probabilistic step sequencer

    2 cv out, 4 trig out
    1 param knob
    1 clock knob
    clock trig in, clock trig outwhite whale is the culmination of methods and experiments based on a decade of step…

    € 360,00
  • Monome Meadowphysics
    Monome Meadowphysics

    Monome Meadowphysics

    hizomatic Cascading Counter for Monome Grids

    meadowphysics facilitates the exploration of polyrhythms and rule-based sequencing, producing a wide range of emergent patterns.

    a monome grid is plugged into…

    € 335,00
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