Endorphin.es is a company which specializes in eurorack modules with a strong westcoast feeling in mind.
The Endorphin.es modules are fully compatible with popular modern modular synthesizers like Doepfer, Analogue Systems, Make Noise and others and implement accurate 1 or 1.2 v/oct standard.

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Website manufacturer: https://www.endorphin.es/

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  • Endorphin.es Ground Control
    Endorphin.es Ground Control

    Ground Control is a 42 hp Eurorack performance sequencer. (with latest firmware V2.0 / AUG-2023)

    The sequencer has 4 tracks: three melodic tracks and a drum track consisting of 8 drum triggers and modulation/accent output. There…

    € 678,00
  • Endorphin.es Gateway
    Endorphin.es Gateway

    Endorphin.es Gateway

    Gateway is an expansion module for Endorphin.es Terminal. Via a set of CV-inputs you get more control over the envelopes of Terminal. Gateway also gives you the possibility to use the Terminal-AD-envelopes as…

    € 234,00
  • Endorphin.es BLCK Shuttle Control (Black)
    Endorphin.es BLCK Shuttle Control (Black)

    Endorphin.es BLCK Shuttle Control (Black)

    Shuttle Control is a 16-channel MIDI/CV interface which can recieve USB-MIDI at a number of inputs simultaneously. For instance control signals from a tablet/PC/Mac at the "to device…

    € 478,00

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