• Doepfer A-166 Dual Logic Module
    Doepfer A-166 Dual Logic Module

    Dual logic module with 3 inputs for each unit. The logical states of the inputs ("1" = high / "0" = low) are linked together in 3 ways: AND, OR, EXOR (exclusive OR). The three functions are available simultaneously at three…

    € 110,00
  • Doepfer A-172 Maximum / Minimum Selector
    Doepfer A-172 Maximum / Minimum Selector

    A-172 is a minimum/maximum selector module and is equipped with four analog inputs and two analog outputs (minimum, maximum). The main application of the module is the processing/mixing of control voltages, e.g. random voltages,…

    € 55,00
  • Doepfer A-186-1 Gate/Trigger Combiner
    Doepfer A-186-1 Gate/Trigger Combiner

    Module A-186 is a very simple, passive unit that combines up to 7 gate, trigger or analog signals by or-wiring.


    ∙ if all seven inputs are low or open the output is low

    ∙ if one or more of the seven inputs is…

    € 45,00
  • Intellijel Plog
    Intellijel Plog

    VOLTAGE CONTROLLED LOGIC AND TAP CLOCK MODULE IN 8HPThe Plog module comprises two programmable logic sections (select one of six different 3 input boolean logic types) as well as a toggle flipflop and data flipflop block. all four…

    € 255,00
  • Intellijel µMod II  - Ring Modulator / Analog Logic
    Intellijel µMod II - Ring Modulator / Analog Logic

    COMING SOONµMOD IIRING MODULATOR / ANALOG LOGICThe µMod II is a versatile ring modulator (four quadrant multiplier) based on the original µMod designed by David G. Dixon. Four analog logic outputs have been added to the module…

    € 160,00
  • Make Noise MATHS
    Make Noise MATHS

    MATHS is an analog computer designed for musical purposes. Amongst other things, it will allow you to:

    ∙ Generate a variety of linear, logarithmic, or exponential triggered or continuous functions

    ∙ Integrate an incoming…

    € 349,00
  • Make Noise Multiple
    Make Noise Multiple

    MultipleThe Multiple is a simple but important module that allows for sending a signal to multiple destinations. Within the Make Noise system the Multiple may also be used for combining clock, gate and pulse signals together to…

    € 42,00
  • Monome Teletype
    Monome Teletype

    Monome Teletype

    algorithmic ecosystem

    Teletype is a dynamic, musical event triggering platform.

    Scripts are assigned to each of the eight trigger inputs. herein you can set CV values (four outputs) and trigger gates (four…

    € 615,00
  • Epoch Modular - Benjolin
    Epoch Modular - Benjolin

    The Benjolin's circuitry is based on Rob Hordijk's well-known Blippoo Box, an unique instrument. It is a chaotic sound generator with 2 VCOs that are played autonomously by the "Rungler", a type of shift register that gets it's…

    € 479,00
  • WMD Geiger Counter Eurorack
    WMD Geiger Counter Eurorack

    WMD Geiger Counter Eurorack

    The WMD flagship Geiger Counter guitar pedal turned Eurorack module. Added features include direct input to bypass the gain and tone circuits and CV control over every parameter. The Eurorack Geiger…

    € 295,00
  • WMD SSM Expand
    WMD SSM Expand

    WMD SSM Expand

    The SSM Expand 8 HP module provides extended functionality of the SSM.


    ∙ Gate/Trigger Outputs of Each Route
    ∙ Gates Mirror Routing LEDs
    ∙ Triggers Occur on Steps
    ∙ Step Output For CV and…

    € 169,00
  • WMD Sequential Switch Matrix
    WMD Sequential Switch Matrix

    WMD Sequential Switch Matrix

    Introducing the WMD Sequential Switch Matrix: Their take on an essential module.

    Four inputs can be routed with individual buttons to four outputs. Those routing settings are stored in an array of…

    € 335,00
  • WMD Synchrodyne Expand
    WMD Synchrodyne Expand

    WMD Synchrodyne Expand

    This is the WMD Synchrodyne Expand, we went a little crazy with it. But we figured that if you can grasp the original, you're the type that always wants to go deeper. So lets take this plunge together as we…

    € 429,00


    TOOL-BOX is a collection of six useful synthesizer utilities.

    This module includes a two input voltage summing section, a signal rectifier, bipolar comparator, analog OR (maximum), an inverter and a voltage…

    € 189,00
  • 2hp - Logic
    2hp - Logic

    2hp - Logic

    Logic is a 2 channel, boolean gate operator. It provides two unique logic operations: AND and OR. The AND Channel is useful for gating existing rhythmic events within a patch.

    Conversely, The OR channel is well…

    € 99,00

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