• Kenton Merge-4
    Kenton Merge-4

    Merge up to 4 separate sources into a single MIDI data stream which appears at both of the 2 MIDI out sockets.

    Mains powered using supplied power adaptor wall wart so you can fit and forget.

    € 109,00
  • Kenton Modular Solo MIDI-CV/ Gate Interface
    Kenton Modular Solo MIDI-CV/ Gate Interface

    As many other reliable products from Kenton The Modular Solo is a high quality and quick MIDI/CV converter with a lot of functions. But this time it is not a standalone unit but an Eurorack module.

    It´s basic setup is similar to…

    € 259,00
  • M3 Washers to protect your modules (20 x)
    M3 Washers to protect your modules (20 x)

    M3 Nylon Washers to protect your modules from screw scratches.

    Bag with 20 pieces

    € 2,50
  • M3x6 Screws Silver (20x)
    M3x6 Screws Silver (20x)

    Bag with 20 M3x6 Silver screws for mounting your modules

    € 2,50


Kenton from the UK owned by John Price is for mostly 20 years now the leading manufacturer of midi-cv-interfaces, that modernized uncounted classical units from the synthesizer world already. His products are the most reliable tools of their discipline usually nowadays mostly in the form of standalone tools for different jobs.

More Kenton perifpherals here

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Website manufacturer: http://www.kentonuk.com/

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