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Music plays a huge role in the life of every Frap Tools’ member. Each of us being a musician, a performer, or an audio engineer, constantly faces the need for specific tools to better accomplish his tasks: from such needs, the idea behind each of our products arises.

Music basically has to be played and listened: we try to focus on both of these sides when developing our products. For the player, we want them to be solid, versatile, easy to use: we chose the best available materials to guarantee the most suitable physical response to every performance; we try to define the greatest set of functionalities without getting beyond the point of usefulness; we chose a graphic design which is absolutely not self-explanatory, but which guarantees a fast and smooth workflow once learned. For the listener, which often is the same person with the player, we have the non-negotiable aim of superb audio quality: there is nothing worse than a beautiful musical piece ruined by a bad listening experience, and we want to avoid this at all cost through meticulous circuit design and component choice.

‘Frap Tools’ refers to craftsmanship. All of our products are carefully assembled and tested one by one in order to guarantee the best quality possible. We are proud of the fact that these operations happen locally, even if sometimes certain specific components, such as exotic woods or electronic parts, are sourced abroad: for this reason, and also for more transparency, we chose to label our products as ‘Designed and Crafted in Italy’ instead of the more conventional (and often sadly abused) ‘Made in Italy’.

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  • Frap Tools Fumana Dual 16 Bands Spectral Editor Modul
    Frap Tools Fumana Dual 16 Bands Spectral Editor Modul

    Frap Tools Fumana Dual 16 Bands Spectral Editor Modul

    The FUMANA is an all analog dual filter bank with various control to access dynamically these bands. Each filter bank is composed of an array of 16 independent 48dB/oct…

    € 969,00

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