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IO Instruments

IO-Instruments was founded by two synthesizer enthusiasts Uwe George Giegler (Berlin) and Frank Kumm (Frankfurt / Main). For many years there has been a lively exchange of new phenomena and (re) constructions in this genre. While Frank took care of the IT department of a large bank internationally, Uwe was a producer and live-act in many countries and worked for MFB for 12 years. Both regularly held public performance sessions using all types of hardware equipment.

After the formation of numerous ideas and due to peculiarities of the existing equipment, the two decided at the beginning of 2017 to found their own company: IO Instruments was born! Concepts were experimentally implemented and specified using eurorack modules, first models were created, parts were ordered, tried out, contacts made, and logo and design studies carried out. In 2018, the time had come: various work spaces were set up and equipped. A provisional office was created in Uwe’s studio on the shore of Paul-Lincke Ufer, Berlin, and the first analogue and digital circuits were defined.

Dr. Nikolai Dichev (previously ACL) from Sofia, who is now an integral part of our team, started to develop many basic synthesizer sections. Throughout 2018 a whole line was called into being, some discarded, some postponed to make an appearance later. The product line will initially be concentrated on a dozen or so eurorack modules while stand-alone devices will follow in 2020. Own poti-, switch- and fader caps designs are created and commissioned.

The first prototype, the themisto VCO, first saw the light of day at the end of 2018. VCA, MIXER, RING MODULATOR, NOISE and FILTER modules are in progress. In addition, the physicist Riccardo Perris and software developer Sven Braun (developer of Zmors modular/app for the ipad and founder of SI GmbH) were brought into the team, and the Brazilian graphic artist Jorge Kuriki supports us with the design, while the website is built by Martin Sroka. Sissy Lohmeyer is doing the assembling, soldering and testing stuff, and takes care that we all have enough coffee to work properly ????

Our first fairs are coming up (Superbooth 2019 – Berlin / Synthfest 2019 – Nantes / Soundmit 2019 – Torino) and we have found a new office in the beautiful Berlin Old Treptow neighborhood. The preamplifier DIA brings the Studio Edition to life. And our goal is to bring the audio quality of the 500 series into eurorack format. The second prototype, the themisto VCOs, can finally go into series, while the VCA Sinope and the 12x Mixer / Attenuator Sponde will be seen and heard in May.

  • IO Instruments - HIMALIA (Penta sound source)
    IO Instruments - HIMALIA (Penta sound source)

    IO Instruments - HIMALIA (Penta sound source)





    32 TRANSIENT SAMPLES with 8bit mode for…

    € 159,00
  • IO Instruments - SINOPE (VCA)
    IO Instruments - SINOPE (VCA)

    IO Instruments - SINOPE (VCA)

    Two channel VCA with discrete core

    Extra VCA for linear and exponential CV

    Low noise, low feedthrough, low clicking

    Very low distortion and gain of 2

    Sweet and detailed sound, huge headroom


    € 159,00
  • IO Instruments - PASIPHAE (Ring modulator)
    IO Instruments - PASIPHAE (Ring modulator)

    IO Instruments - PASIPHAE (Ring modulator)

    Experimental RING MODULATOR

    Low distortion, low noise, high headroom

    Low X & Y feedthrough

    Structure allows access to every input

    Wide range of sounds (tremolo, metallic,…

    € 129,00
  • IO Instruments - THEMISTO (VCO)
    IO Instruments - THEMISTO (VCO)

    IO Instruments - THEMISTO (VCO)

    High precision VCO with wide frequency range

    Clean waves without edge aberrations

    PW from 0%-100% with fast edges for rich sound

    Low distortion SINE wave

    SUB OSC with rich sound and phase…

    € 159,00
  • IO Instruments - SPONDE (2x 6 Mixer)
    IO Instruments - SPONDE (2x 6 Mixer)

    IO Instruments - SPONDE (2x 6 Mixer)

    2 x 6 CH high end AUDIO & CV MIXER

    Superb sweet sounding audio quality

    Low distortion, low noise, low feedthrough

    DC coupled for use as ATTENTUATORs

    Flexible routing for mono, stereo, 6-…

    € 179,00
  • IO Instruments - EUPORIE (VCF)
    IO Instruments - EUPORIE (VCF)

    IO Instruments - EUPORIE (VCF)

    Four Pole LOWPASS VCF with Moog and Sallen&Key Resonance

    Powerful Sound from sweet to overdriven with lot of character

    Simultan 24dB, 12dB & 6 dB Filter Outs

    12dB State Variable Highpass Input…

    € 129,00

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