Tiptop Audio - uZeus 3000ma boost Adapter (no 230V cable!)

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Tiptop Audio - uZeus 3000ma boost Adapter (no euro 230v cable included)

Grounded Powercable excluded (Available here)

2 meter powercable here

With this combi: 2000mA +12V, 500mA -12V, 170mA +5V

uzeus user manual

info 3000mA boost adapter

This brick style AC power adapter is made to power both our new Mantis cases and uZEUS/HEK’s. When powering a uZEUS it will double the capacity of the uZEUS +12V rail up to 2000mA. This is especially great for system with digital modules that consume most of their current from the +12V rail. It is rated at 3000mA and is made with heavy gauge wire for better grounding and a specifically set output voltage that helps keep the uZEUS cooler. It is a good option for users maxing out the standard adapter shipped with the Happy Ending Kit.

3000mA uZEUS Boost / Mantis Universal Adapter


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