Doepfer A-138ov (output module) Vintage black

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Doepfer A-138ov (output module) Vintage black

The output module of the Performance Mixer system sums all conencted input modules and their channels, controls the final volume as well as separately the aux send and aux return levels .

No matter how many A-138p Input modules are connected, the A-138o Performance Mixer Output adds all of them to one stereo sum which is emitted at separate sockets for left and right.

Besides this all signals from the channel auxiliaries are summed, available at the Aux Send socket. The Aux Send level can be adjusted.
the effect signal has to return into the mixer somewhere of course, which is handled via the Aux Return mono socket. The Aux Return level is adjustable with a potentiometer.

A-138pv black performance mixer
Width: 4 HP

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