AJH MiniMod Dual LFO + VCA black

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 AJH MiniMod Dual LFO + VCA black

Dual LFO and VCA module 10HP wide. - This has two LFO's each with variable waveshape. LFO 1 has the addition of a low range and a Sync input. It includes a DC coupled VCA, the input of this is normalised to the output of LFO 2, so a 0 to +5V input to the VCA CV input gives control of the LFO waveform amplitude. It can also be used as a stand alone VCA. This module was particularly designed with the Waldorf KB37 in mind, the modulation wheel gives out 0 to +5V so this module can be used to add VCO vibrato or filter 'wah' with control of modulation amount from the modulation wheel or other controller.

Width: 10 TE

Inputs: LFO 1 Sync, VCA CV, VCA in

Outputs: LFO 1 Trinagle, LFO 1 Pulse, LFO 2 Triangle, LFO 2 Pulse, VCA out


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