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Cosmotronic Delta-V : Dual Amped Function Generator

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Cosmotronic Delta-V : Dual Amped Function Generator (2019)

Dual Amped Function Generator (+ Free black extra frontpanel!!)

Delta-V is a fully analog dual channel function generator, with a dedicated VCA and cycle switch for both channels. A versatile tool that packs a great amount of functionality in only 10HP. Trigger envelopes, slew incoming gates and signals,or generate LFO’s, with control over both attack and decay.
Dedicated End Of Cycle outputs and a VCA for each envelope create plenty of room for experiment and complex patches.

Without anything patched into the VCA input, the module outputs a regular envelope. By patching an audio signal into the VCA input, the output becomes the enveloped audio signal. If you patch an LFO into the VCA input, the output will be envelopes of varying level, set by the LFO voltage.

The overall shape of the envelopes is set with the shape, attack and decay knobs, or with the dedicated CV inputs. The knobs can be set to produce short, snappy or very long envelopes. The shape knob transforms the envelope from exponential to linear to logarithmic.The trigger input takes a trigger or gate to start an attack-decay envelope. The slew input is used to slew incoming gates or voltages.
The cycle switch loops to envelopes, to create an LFO.

  • 65 mA +12V
  • 65 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 27 mm deep

1 Attack [l/r]:  Sets the attack time
2 Decay [l/r]: Sets the decay time
3 Shape [l/r]: Sets the overall shape from exponential,
linear to logarithmic
4 Cycle toggle [l/r]: Sets the trigger input to one-shot or loop.
5 Gain attenuverter [l/r] : Attenuates and inverts the output.
Peak envelope level 7.5V / Audio gain 3.5dB
CW: Positive gain
CCW: Inverted gain (negative)
Center: Fully attenuated
Inputs :
6 VCA [l/r]
7 Trigger [l/r]
8 Slew [l/r]
9 Attack [l/r]
10 Decay [l/r]
O u t p u ts
11 Out: Main output for either the shaped audio signal or the envelope CV.
12 End Of Cycle :  Fires off a trigger every time the envelope comes to its end.

the [link] option on the back of the module allows you to install the included jumper.
With the jumper installed, the input of the left trigger channel, Trigger 7Left, will be normalized to the input of the right trigger channel,
Trigger 7right

Patch Examples:

1. Two shapes, one trigger [LINK]:
Installing the included jumper on the back of the module allows you to link the trigger inputs. Meaning that the trigger input of the left channel will be normalized to that of the right channel. This, for instance, could be helpful when you plan to use Delta-V in a common subtractive setup where both VCO and VCF use the same trigger but have different envelope shapes. Patch a cable into trigger input B to break the normalization.

2. Shape your envelopes:
Switch channel 1 into Loop mode. Patch the output into the VCA of channel 2. Patch a trigger into Channel 2 trigger input. Patch the output envelope to your

3. ADSR:
Patch your Gate output to both an external attenuator module, and the Trigger input. Patch the attenuated Gate signal into the Slew input. now the Attack
knob controls the Attack, the Decay sets both the Decay and Release, and the Attenuator knob sets the sustain level.


Same as Delta-V mk2, except for:

-black frontpanel, no sum output (left + right), env out is  -7.5v to 7.5v,

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